July 2020

Wishing everyone good health during this difficult time. On behalf of all staff I would like to thank you all greatly for your continued support.

As our staff continue to work selflessly around the clock to provide care for our residents, we have been overwhelmed by the support from family friends and relatives.

Despite the pandemic and the restrictions we have put in place to reduce risk, we have still managed to have small celebrations.

What We Have Been Up To


On the 3rd of April, we celebrated our beloved past resident Joyce Heffey’s 83rd birthday. Sadly, Joyce passed away during the pandemic. Our thoughts and prayers go out to her bereaved family. On April 8th, we celebrated Marie Pope’s 89th birthday. To start the Easter celebrations, on the 10th of April, we had a Good Friday celebration with a hot cross bun and tea party, which was much enjoyed. Then, on the 13th of April we had an Easter Bonnet parade and another small party. Then on April 19th we had Jean Kirkham’s 80th Birthday celebration. We also celebrated St George’s day on 23rd April with an afternoon tea party.


On the 8th of May we dressed up for the VE day celebrations which everyone found fun. Then we celebrated Nancy Gilmore’s 87th birthday on the 26th of May. On May 27th we celebrated Winifred’s 89th birthday and Tony Hogan’s 78th birthday on May 29th. We celebrated all birthday parties with karaoke and dance followed by a tea party.


To start off a new month we celebrated Betty Jones’ 93rd birthday on the 1st of June. On the 27th, we celebrated Flo Graham’s 91st birthday On June 30th, we celebrated Maureen Taylor’s 95th birthday.

Further News

We apologise that relatives have not been able to come and join us in these celebrations due to the pandemic, and the measures we must take to protect residents and staff, but we hope to celebrate all festivals together in the future.

Along with all of these celebrations we continue cinema day, gentle exercise, daily activities and hymns and prayers but unfortunately no communion for the time being.

We received some good news, which was that all residents and all staff tested negative for covid-19. At present, all is well here, and we are trying our best everyday to keep our residents safe and happy. Test kits have been ordered for all service users to have a test every 28 days and staff to have a weekly test, to ensure we never put other staff and residents at risk. Again thank you all for your donations, gifts and kind words to all staff, it encourages us to keep trying our best through this time.

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