January 2020

Wishing everyone a very happy New Year and good health and happiness. On behalf of all of the staff I would like to thank you for all the kind donations that were made. The gifts were very much appreciated.

What We Have Been Up To


In October, we had a fantastic Halloween Party and live music with Sandra – greatly enjoyed by all residents


We hosted a lovely Holy Communion ceremony, and had nursery visits on alternating weeks, where the children got a chance to interact with the residents and take part in some fun activities


Every Thursday we have a cinema day, when the residents get a chance to watch different movies whilst enjoying some ice cream, which is great to keep them entertained

Tea Party

Fridays are dedicated to hosting our weekly tea party, which is a time for the residents to interact and enjoy some lovely snacks made by Chef

November 2019

On the 4th November we held a lovely birthday party to celebrate Cleo’s 93rd birthday, both of whom were pleased with the surprise and everyone’s warm wishes, also on the 4th November I proudly joined Redcourt in my new role as manager, which has been a great pleasure. On the 12th November, we had a visit from a ladies singing and dance troupe. On the 14th November we hosted a small leaving party to celebrate Joan’s achievements during her time at Redcourt and to thank her for her contributions to the residents, staff and company, as well as to wish her luck in the future. Joan worked for Argyle Care Group for 9 years, and we were all sad to see her go. On the 19th November we threw a party for Jean Jones, who turned 85. She enjoyed it a lot, as did all of the residents. The following day, we said our goodbyes to Lydia, who worked for the company for 3 years and has now retired. On the 29th November we had some live music by Gerry, who was on the keyboards.

December 2019

As the annual Christmas party was drawing close, residents began making a start on Christmas cards for family members, and staff got to work with decorations. On the 14th of December, we held a fabulous Christmas Party in Red court, with live music on the guitar by Kevin, and our residents had a lovely time with their family. There was some fantastic food by Chef, which all enjoyed. Thank you all family and friends for joining us. Hope everyone who was able to come enjoyed the party as much as the residents and staff did! On the 16th of December, we had a visit from the carol singers from Mossley Hill Church, which lifted the Christmas spirit! We had another visit from carol singers from Wellington Road Methodist Church, on the 19th of December.

On the 21st, we had a visit from a ukulele band, who provided lovely music and a small party. On Christmas Day, the residents celebrated together in the home, and even received some lovely presents from Redcourt. On New Year’s Eve, we had a small celebration along with some Stevie Squeeze live music – our residents loved it

Further News

Sadly, 3 of our residents- John Hayes, John Casey and Ada Bennett – passed away, and we sent our prayers and thoughts to their family and friends to help them through this heart breaking time. We did however welcome 4 new residents into the home – Vera Blackwood, Margaret Phillips Lewis, Margaret McAllister, and Edna Leather. We are getting them settled in and helping them to get used to their new home. Sue Stephenson tells of the walk she did for her mum Hannah Stopforth a resident at Redcourt Care Home.

This is a photo of me and my mum Hannah, who is 93 years of age.  When she was young she worked at the Meccano factory and she told me that she used to walk to work to save the tram fare, which was approximately a seven mile round trip

I decided to follow in her footsteps with some of my friends and walk the same walk to raise funds to enable Pauline to provide more fun times for Mum and the other residents.  This is my way of thanking all the staff for putting smiles on the residents’ faces.  We raised £347.82 in total.  Thank you for all who contributed.

On behalf of the staff, residents and family we would like to thanks Sue for her wonderful contribution.

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