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Infection Control Audit

On the 3rd March 2017 we were inspected by Liverpool Community Health Trust. The purpose of their visit is to inspect independently if care homes are maintaining an environment that meets the requirement of the Department of Health that is safe for residents to live in. The inspection focused on how care homes maintain a clean environment and the measures they have in place to reduce/ prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We scored 95.5 % which we are pleased about however we do have areas that we need to improve and they are:

– Bath safety straps in 1 bathroom were stained.

The straps have now been replaced.

– Soap and hand towel dispensers need to be added to the cleaning schedule.

We have now added the dispensers to the cleaning schedule.

– The shower base on Terracotta unit was stained.

The shower base has now been cleaned.

– Some scruff marks on the doors and door frames on Green unit.

We are in the process of developing a programme to repaint doors and door frames.

– Remove the sink plug from the hand basin in the laundry room, as hand basins in laundry areas are not permitted to contain a sink plug.

The sink plugs have now been removed.

– A foot operated bin and a hand towel dispenser are required in the clinic room.

These have no been purchased and are in place.

– Build up of dust on the vent in the linen room.

The vent has been cleaned and will continue to be cleaned on a regular basis.


Easter Party

Our Easter party was lots of fun for our residents and it was lovely to see so many families join us on the day, we hope you all enjoyed it as much as we did.

The ladies took part in the Easter parade wearing their fantastic bonnets, while the men wore their summer boaters.

In addition to this, the kitchen laid on a lovely buffet for us all to enjoy!

St George’s Day

We celebrated St George’s day with a brilliant afternoon of entertainment and dancing, Pauline did a great job at decorating the lounge!

Film afternoons

Thursday afternoon’s are the one day of the week when we draw the curtains and put up the big screen. Many of our residents enjoy this quality time singing along to their favourite Gene Kelly or Judy Garland’s songs, and of course there is ice cream too!


Whenever one of our resident’s is celebrating a birthday, we hold a tea party in the afternoon which includes singing and dancing, along with a “Happy Birthday” banner to mark the special day.

If families wish to celebrate their relatives birthday privately, you are more than welcome to use the family room on green unit. If you wish to book this room for the special occasion, please speak to Pauline.

Supporting you when your relative passes away

We appreciate that this is a sensitive subject to discuss and we do not wish to upset you, but at Redcourt we would like to help and support you as much as possible during a very sad time. We feel it would help if we had on file information as to which funeral director you or your relative would prefer to use, rather than ask you these questions during a very difficult time.

We will be sending out letters shortly asking you to nominate the names of 2 funeral directors you would prefer to use when the time comes. At Redcourt, we believe we would be causing added stress if we were to ask you these questions whilst you were grieving.

Once we have received your response, we will then place this information in your relatives care file. We greatly appreciate your help with this matter.

Questionnaire results

Thank you to everybody who returned their questionnaire, it is greatly appreciated. Your feedback is important to us, as it helps us to improve the quality of service that we provide to you and your relative.

We sent out 48 questionnaire’s and we received 25 back, we will shortly publish the findings. Here is a snapshot of what you have said:

You said: I would just like to bring it to your attention the kindness of all the staff to my mum and how well the home is run.

We say: Thank you!

You said: We like new armchairs and how the coloured zones define the areas.

We say: We are pleased that you like them!

You asked: Can the car park be resurfaced?

We say: We are currently awaiting quotes for this work to be carried out, and we expect this to be completed within the next 6 months.

You asked: Can you display the range of activities you carry out daily?

We say: Pauline will put on display in the reception area, a weekly notice of the activities that are planned for week ahead.

You asked: Can we have more chairs for the visitors to sit on?

We say: We were recently given a number of green chairs that can be stacked away, and these are stored in the dining area.

You asked: Can the carer’s group meeting be more varied?

We say: We will review this and ensure that the meeting day’s and times are more varied in order to meet everybody’s requirements.


Sadly, the following resident’s have passed away

Arthur Upfold
Emily Servergyn
Gertrude Clumpus
Beatrice Bate

Our thoughts and prayer’s are with their families at this very sad time.

The following resident’s have joined us at Redcourt

Doreen Potter

We hope you are very happy at Redcourt!

What’s on

Please read the notice board in the front reception, where we will keep you updated on upcoming events!