Newsletter April 2017

We apologise for not releasing a newsletter in January, we were very busy during the first 3 months of the year, the year has flown by so far!


Twice a month on a Monday morning, we have 2 or 3 medical students visiting the home, and work alongside the care staff. The medical students are in their third year and study at the University of Liverpool. The aim is for the students to gain hands on experience of caring for a person with dementia. Each visit we have new students, and the students will continue to visit Redcourt until the summer.


Valentine’s day – We had lots of fun celebrating Valentine’s day. Pauline did a fantastic job at decorating the lounge, which was the setting for a lovely tea party, which gave our residents the chance to get up and dance.
Pancake day – Our residents really enjoyed an afternoon which involved making pancakes, and also seeing who could toss their pancake the highest! Pauline purchased a small portable oven which enables our residents to not only cook, but smell what they are cooking and taste what they have made. These senses are important as they can bring back lots of happy memories, from baking in their own kitchen.


St Patrick’s Day – having decorated the lounge beautifully with 4 leaf clovers, St Patrick’s Day was a day of celebration, capped off with Jerry providing the entertainment with his familiar tunes.
Mother’s Day – We celebrated Mother’s Day on the Saturday and it was great to see so many people turn up. Kevin provided the entertainment for the afternoon, and it was Carl and Daniel who provided such a wonderful buffet, which I’m sure you all enjoyed.

Infection Control Audit

On 3rd March, an Infection Control Audit was carried out at Redcourt by Liverpool’s Infection Control Unit. The aim of this audit is to ensure that the home is adhering to the regulations and guidelines laid down by the Department of Health. We are pleased to inform you that the home performed very well, and as soon as the report has been sent to us, we will leave copies in the reception area for you to read.
We currently have a number of unmarked clothing items, and therefore we are not sure who they belong to. When you are next visiting could you please take a moment to check the unnamed clothing box, as your relative’s clothing may be in there. If you ask a member of our laundry staff, they will assist you in doing this.

Protected Meal Times

We kindly request that you avoid visiting during the following times:

12:30pm – 1:45pm
4:30pm – 6pm

This is to ensure that our residents enjoy their meals, and are not disturbed during meal times. Some of our residents are easily distracted and will attempt to leave the dining table.

We do not wish to offend you, but if you do visit during these times, we request that you either sit in your relatives bedroom or the family room. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

New Furniture

Many of you have passed comments on our new curtains in the lounge and dining area, as well as the wild life pictures in the dining room.

We are also hoping to purchase new armchairs for the lounge area, to enhance the quality of life of our residents. We are hoping these can be purchased as early as April.

Telephone numbers

Can you please ensure that we have your correct mobile or land line telephone number so that we can contact you in the case of an emergency.

The following residents have sadly passed away:

Ethel Gill
Joyce Bren
Alice Butler
Barbara Pughe
Eileen Maloney
George Rogers
Dot KennedyOur thoughts and prayers are with their families.

The following residents have recently joined us at Redcourt:

Jean Jones
David Lever
Caroline Ferguson
John Hayes
John Casey
Kathleen Dagliesh
Bridget O’Connor
Christina Jones
Florence Graham
Beatrice BateA very warm welcome to you all, we hope you’ll be very happy at Redcourt!

Here at Redcourt we try our utmost to provide the best care possible, and are constantly striving to improve. Therefore if you have any suggestions or you feel we are not getting something quite right, please let us know, we welcome your feedback!

Forthcoming events – Please check our notice board for dates and times

Easter Bonnet Parade
St Georges Day
Summer Fair

Manager’s Surgery

This is an opportunity to meet me, at a time that suits you to discuss your relative’s care plan, or to discuss any concerns you may have. This will take place on the following days:

19th April 2017, 10am – 4pm
29th May 2017, 2pm – 4pm

Carer’s Group

Come and join us for a coffee, this is an opportunity to meet other carer’s and find out more about what is happening in your relative’s home.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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