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April 2016 Redcourt Care Home Newsletter

Welcome to our new residents who have come to live in Redcourt Care Home

Changes in Redcourt

We have made a number of changes to the home during the past few months and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuing support in the changes that have taken place. As you are away the government has introduced changes to employing staff, not just in care homes but across all industries. With the impact of the pension scheme and the increase to the minimum wages this has had a huge impact to how the company continues to operate financially. It is not the responsibility of the government to provide additional funding to companies to adhere to legislation. Local authorities are unable to give financial support due to their own financial constraints.


We will continue to ensure each resident celebrates their Birthday by holding a tea dance and having a Birthday banner on display.


From April 2016 the home will no longer be funding the resident’s hairdressing fee. The hairdressers will continue to visit the home on a Monday and Tuesday. The procedure for ensuring your relative has their hair styled by the hairdresser is as follows.

Each resident will have their own hairdressing sheet and it is important that you leave money to pay the hairdresser with a senior member of staff. The senior will complete the hairdressing sheet, which you and the senior will sign. You will also be given a receipt to confirm that you have paid for your relative’s hair to be styled. We would ask that if possible that you leave the hairdressing money with seniors during the week as access to the office is restricted during the weekend. If the home does not have the money to pay the hairdresser we will be unable to authorise for the hairdresser to style your relatives hair. Due to financial regulations the home is not able to set up direct debit arrangements for the hairdressing fee to be paid.

If you wish to discuss the hairdressing arrangements please contact Joan on 0151 724 1733.

Continuing with hairdressing this is just a reminder can you please ensure that your relative has their own hair brush or comb. If possible can the items be marked with your relative’s name? Thank you.

Questionnaire Results

Thank you for returning your questionnaire, we had a 30 questionnaires returned out of the 48 questionnaires that were sent out. The questionnaires provide us with an opportunity to see how we are maintaining a service and areas you feel we need to work on. I have attached a copy of the questionnaire results to this newsletter

What are we good at here are some of the comments?

“More than happy with my Mum’s care. Always recommend Redcourt to others”

“Redcourt gives me peace of mind as I know my mum’s being cared for”

“The staffs are always kind and friendly towards residents”

“The office staff to management care staff, activity organiser and housekeeping makes Redcourt a great care home”

“I have always found the staff to be approachable. If i have raised issues action has always been taken.”

Areas you would like to be addressed

The car park was rated as poor.

We are looking to how we can address the surface of the car park.

The steps leading to the main entrance need to be highlighted to assist residents or visitors who visual impairments the steps.

This will be addressed by the end of April.

The carpet in the lounge needs to be replaced with an alternative.

We promise to address this area and will look at alternatives that are practical and hard wearing.

The 1st floor unit (Claret) needs up grading and the stair carpet is worn

We anticipated this to be completed by the end of May 2016.

Where are the menus

The menus for the week ahead and the alternative menu can be found on the wall in the main dining room and at the entrance to the small dining room.

Ensure my relative only wears clothes that are theirs.

We promise over the coming months to put right as many areas of concern as we can that you have risen.

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the quality questionnaire please contact me on 0151 724 1733.

Carers Group

We recently held a carers group meeting and the meeting focused on Carers and how you manage/ cope with your loved one being in care. Carers not only have to cope with their loved one being in care but the emotions of a sense of loss of a retirement you planned together. From the meeting we looked at meeting up monthly to talk about ourselves, life stories and to plan meeting up outside of Redcourt to go to places of interest.

If you would like to join us please come and join us on the 26th April 2016 at 2.15 in the small dining room.


Pauline is our renowned fantastic activity coordinator. Pauline predominately works Monday to Friday 9am 4pm and undertakes activities in the morning with residents on a 1-1 bases. During the afternoon Pauline organises group activities that usually take place in the lounge or in the dining room.

Relatives are welcome to participate in with the activities these are special moments.  Some of the activities Pauline has organised   have included making Christmas Cards and encouraging your relative to sign their card, Painting and craft making, many of the decorations that are displayed are made by the residents.

Pauline tries to deliver a wide and varied range of activities that involves as many residents as possible.

Pauline has personalised the family room for those special family get together like wedding anniversaries or birthdays.

Pauline organises and books the entertainment that visits the home. The majority of entertainment that we book visits the home mainly on a Saturday afternoon but there are occasions when we have entertainment mid-week.

We have a gentleman called Jerry who visits the home bi-monthly to sing and play the key board.

Pauline does also work when needed on a weekend so that activities do not just focus on Monday to Friday bases.

If you wish to know more about activities that your relative has been involved in please speak to Pauline.





Events coming up

Managers Surgery 3rd May 10am til 6pm

This is an opportunity to meet with the manger and to discuss your relative’s plan of care and to be involved in your relatives care.

Carers Group

27th April 2.15 pm

Life Stories

Dementia Awareness for Carers

Date to be arranged

Please see the notice board in the reception area for forth coming events that Pauline has organised.

Residents who have passed away

Pat Kirkham

Our thoughts and prayers are with their family.

Residents who are come to live in Redcourt

Margaret Thomas

Margaret Morgan

Irene Neeley

George Rogers

Thomas Woods

Emily Severyn

Welcome to Redcourt we hope you will be happy.