Our Team

Care Home Manager

Whilst we value the contribution of all staff at Redcourt, we recognise the importance of having strong leadership at the top. Joan has been providing this since she joined us in 2010. Joan oversees the whole operation, and has been instrumental in Redcourt achieving a CQC rating of good in all 5 criteria, a 5 star food hygiene rating, and an infection control score of 95%. We are so glad to have Joan on board!

Care Home Deputy Manager

Jill is our deputy manager and has worked at Redcourt for over 25 years, therefore she has witnessed first-hand all of the positive changes and improvements that have been made over the years. Jill knows and understands our resident's inside out, and is an excellent deputy to Joan, together they make a great team!

Activities Co-ordinator

Pauline has been Redcourt's activities co-ordinator since 2011, and what a wonderful job she does. Whether it is flower arranging or karaoke, there is always something going on at Redcourt! We have our resident's favourite entertainer's visit on a regular basis to put on a show, and provide us with an afternoon of fun. Pauline also does a great job at organising parties, from Easter to Christmas and everything in between, if there is an occasion to celebrate, you can bet there will be a party at Redcourt!

Laundry Manager

Diane is the head of our Domestic/Laundry department and like Jill, has worked at Redcourt for over 25 years. Diane and our domestics, work extremely hard to ensure that our home remains spotless throughout!


Joe has been at Redcourt since 2005, and takes great pride in providing home cooked meals from scratch. Whether it's a steak and mushroom pie, or freshly made scones with vanilla cream and jam, the food is both enticing and delightful! If anybody is looking around Redcourt with a view to putting a relative into care, Joe is more than happy to sit down with you and talk through our various meal choices, and also let you have a taste of the food yourself!


Carl has worked within our group since 2010 and transferred to Redcourt in 2014. In 2004, Carl was named chef of the year during his time at college, and judging by the delicious meals prepared, it's easy to see why!